These are excerpts from two separate emails I received from a wonderful woman that my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting along with her boyfriend Phil, on a cruise ship recently. I had the pleasure of channeling Meredith’s father who passed away many years ago;

I wanted to let you know what a true blessing it was to not only meet you both, but to have also had the experience with my father. It made Father’s Day a little easier to get through. Words cannot express the healing my heart has felt since speaking with you. For further validation I had to attach the picture of my you can see you were spot on (I described a picture of her father and the room where this picture was as validation this was Meredith’s father). I have no doubt in your ability and I am proud to say I knew you before you became super famous (because you will with that talent). I have to say your ability is a true gift, it was for me.
And again I can’t thank you enough for the message you gave makes it just a little easier to get through the days

.........I am in shock, because you will never know what meeting you has done for me. It is an honor and miracle for me....truly. So thank you.

Ms. Meredith M. Pennsylvania

This testimonial was sent to me by a colleague and close personal friend of mine who in her own right is an exceptional Tarot reader and palmist. Angie called me one evening when she became very distraught over some disturbing news. Surprisingly, people with this gift have a hard time doing readings for themselves, therefore Angie called me one evening and asked me if I could give her a reading over the phone. Angie had two questions for me after the reading which were: would her brother be okay, as he was in the military oversees in a potential dangerous situation and would her good friend’s daughter be okay after a scary medical diagnosis. I told her that I saw her brother coming through his situation unharmed and that her friend’s daughter would be fine.

I just wanted to thank you for the insightful reading! I was really emotional hearing that my brother was being deployed and that my best friend's daughter was diagnosed with cancer (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) within a span of seven days. You put my mind at ease, and as you predicted my brother would be fine, but would have a "run in" while at his post & that my friend’s daughter would be ok. It's been six months since our reading and I want to validate. There was a serious rebellion that broke out in the area my brother was at, but he was safe. Also, as you predicted my friend's daughter fought very hard and was cancer free within three months! I don't know what I would have been like had you not been available to do my reading. I had been sick with worry. Thank you much! Xoxox :-) :-) :-)

Mrs. Angie S.
West Central Illinois

The following is from a woman that I recently did a Tarot reading for:

Dear Merlin,
Thank you for the opportunity to receive the Tarot card reading. I am so happy for the time you spent with me. From the minute I sat down across the table from you, I felt at ease knowing I was working with a professional. You explained how the reading would be handled and what you could and couldn’t see. You had a calming demeanor with a certain self-assuredness which caused me to feel comfortable with what you were going to share with me. I feel you highlighted things that have been presenting challenges to me; some of which I thought I was perfectly content not knowing but am honestly happier for having them brought forward for me. The reading provided confidence that I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this time and showed me there is hope for a bright future. Since our meeting, I’ve purchased numerous books and am trying to learn as much as I can in order to expand my knowledge and understanding even more. Much appreciation!


Ms. Kristy K.
West St. Louis County, MO.