1) What are Tarot cards? Tarot cards are thought to have been developed in 15th Century Europe. The deck is divided into 22 Major Arcana cards (major aspects of life) and 56 Minor Arcana cards (the day-to-day aspects of life). They are used as a tool by people with a certain level of intuitive ability to deliver messages to clients of past, present and possible future matters. The reason I say “possible future” is because we all have free will. Free will can allow a person to choose to take a different path, or not follow their normal habits and thought processes in order to make a reading not come true.

2) What is Clairvoyance? Clair is French for “clear.” Clairvoyance means clear vision. These visions are experienced by people who possess the God given gift of “seeing” visions in their minds regarding events and people both living and of those that have passed on.

3) What is Clairaudience? This is the act of clear hearing voices, or noises from past or future events, or from those who have passed on.

4) What is Clairsentience? Again, “clair” is French for clear and “sentience” is derived from Latin and means “to feel,” therefore clairsentience means clear feeling. This is sometimes referred to as “that gut feeling” that all of us have probably experienced at least once in our lifetime. This is usually more intense in times of danger.

5) What is a Clairelience? Clear sensation of smell, such as a particular cologne or perfume that was worn by a loved one that is perceived by an intuitive, or medium.

6) What is Claircognizance? Clear knowing as in receiving knowledge of a past incident that the person did not witness, but has in depth knowledge of.

7) What is Clairgustance? Clear taste. This may be experienced by an intuitive or medium when encountering a spirit the allows the medium to experience the taste of something in particular.

8) What are Spirit Guides? Spirit Guides are spirit entities that were human at one time. They have learned a particular lesson in their time in human form that helps them to provide us guidance through our similar struggles. Spirit Guides find favor with God by helping us, therefore they are always willing to help us in time of need. In some instances they may seem to sit idle while we struggle with physical or emotional issues, but these are our own lessons to learn without divine intervention.

9) Do people with intuitive abilities see their clients "dirty little secrets" or things that might embarrass the client? Absolutely not! Our Spirit guides can reveal a “possible” scenario based on a client’s past actions. If the client continues to act as they have in the past, what the intuitive person sees “might” come to pass. Our spirit guides only want what is best for us and would not let us be embarrassed. Our spirit guides find favor with God by helping us on this Earth. The job of spirit guides is to help intuitive people deliver messages that the client needs to hear, in addition to helping all of us with their journey on this Earth.

10) If people really have an intuitive gift then why can’t they see the winning lottery numbers and make themselves rich? Spirit guides do not give people winning lottery numbers. We are all on this Earth to learn a lesson, such that we will make better spirit guides for someone who will need our help after we pass on. Our spirit guides may give us a direction to go to become more financially stable, but we will have to do the “work,” or learn the lesson. Spirit guides can give us great talents such as being able to paint, or a lovely singing voice, but do not give us instaneous wealth. I have found that I have a very hard time doing Tarot readings for myself, as I need to learn the lessons of my life without a glimpse as to what those lessons are, or how I am to handle them. How I react to situations without prior knowledge or warning, is what shapes my personality and allows me to “learn” my lesson.