To contact me for a Tarot reading, or in regard to a psychic investigation contact me by:
Phone: 636-439-8375

My fees for readings are as follows:
Tarot reading; $55 for a 30 minute reading $80 for 60 minute reading Tarot parties in your home; $25 for 15 minute reading. Parties require a minimum of 4 participants. For a party of more than 6 participants the host or hostess' reading is free. Psychic detective consultations are the same price as Tarot readings for initial consultation.
Further work will be negotiated based on the amount of time spent performing investigative meditation.
The first meditation session I do is 30 minutes. If I receive information and I feel there is a need for further investiation, I will always discuss further meditations needed on my part. Any subsequent meditation done on my part will be billed at $50 per session. I will never perform any work without the clients authorization. The initial consultation fee is not refundable whether I receive any information or not. If I do not receive any information during my initial meditation session and I feel I cannot resolve the matter, I will no longer consult on the case. I cannot guarantee results on investigations, that is why if the initial meditation does not yield any results I will no longer continue with the investigation.