Please allow me to introduce myself. I use the name Merlin for my intuitive endeavors as an intuitive, Tarot card reader, medium and psychic detective. I use the name Merlin for two reasons. My dearly departed father’s first name was Merlin and because I was an extremely powerful wizard in a previous life. My mentor in this intuitive pursuit of mine (who is a wonderful woman and exceptional medium by the name of Davora) advised me that I was a very powerful wizard in a previous life, therefore I felt Merlin was very appropriate. I am a retired police officer of over 27 years of experience. I currently work as a computer analyst for a large St. Louis based computer company. In my former career I used my intuitive gift to help keep me safe while protecting others. Since my retirement, I have spent a great deal of time enhancing my spirituality and God given intuitive gift. I am a very spiritual person who was raised in a Catholic household. Let me assure you, my gift is something that I have been blessed with. Everything I do with my intuitive gift is done out of love and respect for the higher power.

I have found great success in receiving messages from my spirit guides utilizing Tarot cards. My spirit guides have helped me to deliver messages to clients regarding their lives that the spirit guides feel are important for those clients to receive.

I do work as a medium, but I can never guarantee that a loved one will be able to deliver a message through me, nor can I guarantee which loved one that has passed may come forward to deliver a message. On the other side we have many things to do and in the case of the recently departed, those souls have even more to do and can take some time to develop the skills and ability to contact a medium. This is why I say that I cannot guarantee a loved one will come through to deliver a message. Especially in the case of the recently departed. When they do, I receive messages from spirit that include: visions (clairvoyance), sensations, or that “gut feeling” (clairsentience, which protected me during my police career) clairaudience (sound or speech) and clairalience (clear smell). I also do work as a psychic investigator for clients with regard to missing persons and unsolved crimes.

To schedule a reading, please visit the “Contact me” page of this site. I would consider it an honor and privilege to deliver a message to you that your departed love ones and your spirit guides know you need to hear.

I wish only peace, love, health and God’s eternal light to anyone who visits this site.